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"Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that confess his name."
Hebrews 13:15

Here is a collection of random resources and links that will hopefully help enhance your praise ministry.  Enjoy!

Thoughts on Praise & Worship

This first "resource" is my attempt at a worship primer of sorts.  A bulleted list of considerations -- both spiritual and practical -- when designing a praise and worship time or assembling your praise team.  These thoughts are geared mostly toward corporate worship in a church setting, but can be adapted to your particular environment.

The points I present here are not exhaustive by any means.  And they certainly are not gospel. :)  I'm sure you can find gifted worship leaders who would disagree with me on some item or another.  That being said, I've done my best to distill from Scripture and from many years of experience leading worship in a variety of environments those vital worship elements that can help make your time of praise a "sweet, sweet sound" for everyone involved, especially The Lord.

Click here to download the full article in PDF.
Probably the best worship resource on the web, IMHO.  A wealth of free and paid resources including chord charts, song downloads, how-tos, books, CDs, DVDs, etc.  Be sure to check out the weekly free sheet music downloads as well as the New Song Cafe', an informal interview/clinic with some of today's top worship leaders and recording artists.

Bo's Capos
Mitch Bohannon is worship pastor at First Baptist Church in Dayton, TX.  Mitch developed the now hugely popular "short-cut" capo and the unique approach to guitar techniques the cut capo facilitates.  Don't know what a "cut" capo is?  Visit Bo's site for the whole story, plus lots on technique and video lessons.  But essentially it's a shortened guitar capo (depresses the 3rd 4th and 5th strings) that can quickly and easily change the "voicing" of your guitar without having to re-tune.  This opens up a world of new sounds and chord structures for experienced guitarists,  and it also dramatically simplifies the chord fingerings to make guitar playing much more accessible for the beginner.  The cut capo is now manufactured and marketed by Kyser, makers of the original quick-change capo, and it's a favorite songwriting and performing tool for artists like Chris Tomlin and Billy Foote, among others.  All of the songs featured on Set4e.com were written and played with the cut capo.

David Crowder is probably my favorite all-time worship leader, and DCB is very likely my favorite band.  Although the Eagles and the Black Crowes would give them a run for their money!  But since the later lack a certain reverence, I think Crowder takes the title. ;)  Anyway, their official site is of course a great place to catch up on all things DCB, but it's also a great source of chord charts straight from the original artist!  Find the Tabs page (right now you click on the Les Paul Goldtop) and you'll find charts for most of David's songs from all of the studio albums.  Sweet!

Praise Habit, David Crowder
Speaking of Mr. Crowder, did you know he is also an accomplished author?  Praise Habit, his first book, is a must read for any believer, but especially those involved in praise and worship ministries.  In this book, Crowder expounds on the idea that praise is something we are, not something we do -- a lifestyle, not an event.  Check it out.

Purchase, download, and print professionally produce Christian sheet music and chord charts.  Sure, there are plenty of sources on the web for amateur tabs and chord charts for praise and worship songs.  And many of them are very well done and accurate.  But what if you want written sheet music for multiple instruments?  Or what if you just want to know for sure that the chords are right?  PraiseCharts has you covered.  Simple chord charts are usually $1.95, and you can even get complete packages of full sheet music for guitar, keys, bass, and even drums.

The Air I Breathe, Louie Giglio

If you are in any way involved in modern church worship music, then you've encountered the work of Louie Giglio in one form or another.  And you may not even know it!  Louie is the founder of 268 Generation, and the Passion worship conferences.  He is the author of several books, including the one I'm recommending here, The Air I Breathe, co-founder of Passion City Church in Atlanta, with Chris Tomlin, and a renowned speaker.  He is the founder, along with his wife, Shelley, of Sixstepsrecords, a division of Sparrow that boasts artists like Tomlin, David Crowder, Matt Redman, and others.  Louie even co-wrote many of Chris Tomlins most popular worship songs, such as "How Great Is Our God", "Enough", and "Indescribable."  In this powerful book, Louie reminds us that we are all worshipers...of something.  But many of us are worshiping the wrong things, and have put our worship of the only One who is worthy into a little box we take out on Sundays.  But worship should be responding to God in every moment for who He is and what He does.  Check it out.  It's a life-changing book you'll keep coming back to...


An awesome guitar player resource, e-chords.com features a huge repository of tabs and chord charts (many for bass and keys, too), plus tutorials and a chord dictionary.  Basic membership is free, but the paid membership (about $25/year) gets you video lessons, backing tracks, and the ability to transpose chord charts on the fly!


On the surface this sight appears to cater to the secular hardcore metal crowd, but don't be frightened away!  I have yet to find a larger collection of guitar tabs and chord charts anywhere on the web.  You'll find everything here including metal, rock, country, Christian, pop, worship, and even Christmas carols and nursery rhymes!  You can search by artist or song title, and the Ultimate-Guitar community rates the quality of the tabs, so go for the 5-star tabs first.

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